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Beauty Tips For This Summer With Mesoestetics

Posted on December 24 2017

Beauty Tips For This Summer With Mesoestetics

Summer is the time of year when beauty routines are most affected, enjoying more free time, more hours of sunshine, vacations, meetings with friends and family, etc. Some of these often are factors that can have a negative influence on our skin routines, even going so far as to ruin the results achieved throughout the year.

A few simple changes to your routine or following a few of our tips below can make all the difference.

Protect yourself from the sun.

Be careful with the sun, a universal advice and not to forget. Avoiding prolonged and unprotected exposures is the key to protecting yourself from the sun, but keep in mind that

breeze or cloudy days also pose a risk to the appearance and health of the skin. Change your moisturizer by one with sunscreen, as easy as that and you will avoid unwanted spots. Mesoestetic has a sun cream called Moisturising sun protection for normal and dry skin.

Hydrate inside and out

Drinking water helps the body stay healthy, it is a cleansing method and it will give you energy.

A daily detox.

In summer, we often over indulge and eat and drink more than other times of the year. It’s hard to resist the BBQ food and summer cocktails, but Grascontrol artichoke extract can be a perfect ally to purify the body and fight against fluid retention brought on by high temperatures, furthermore it helps to lower cholesterol level.

Integrate the exercise in your day to day.

Doing sport in summer is an impossible task for most people, but resting from more active exercise routines does not mean giving up healthy habits. An evening walk or using the stairs instead of the easy option of an elevator or escalator. These tricks will keep your body fit and energized.