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Cassie! Your Routine For Pigmentation

Posted on April 11 2020

Skincare Best For Pigmentation - Requested by Cassie!

Thank you Cassie for requesting skincare suggestions most suitable for Pigmentation

Here is our routine recommendation - See Bottom of page for all products mentioned in this routine

Double Cleanse:

Exfoliate: 2 times weekly with


Serums AM: Mix in:

Serums PM: +

Face Mask:

Eye Mask:

Hydrate / Protect AM:

Hydrate / Protect PM:

Eyes Cream:

Vitamin A - ( Retinol ) - Serum 16

  • Vitamin A ( Retinol ) is not advised for pregnant of lactating Woman
  • If your new to Retinol please follow the following suggestion for slow introduction 
Week 1-2 - Use 2 times spaced out - Pm only
Week 3-4  Use 3 times spaced out - Pm only
Week 5-6 Use 4 Times - Skip a night after 2 consecutive nights - Pm only
Every night there after * If you notice to much discomfort, or irritation simply back off to the earlier week recommendations
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