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Posted on November 26 2017

A good daily cleansing of the face is essential, whether you use makeup or not. But, do you know why? Pollution, dust, smoking or excess oil dirty the face, clog the pores and give the skin a dull look. If we add the effects of fatigue and stress to the mix, the result is an appearance that does not reflect the true beauty of our skin.

Skin cleansing aims to remove impurities so that our skin can breathe during sleep and recover its natural balance. Every skin is different, so you should choose the product to use carefully according to your type: oily, sensitive, combination, etc. Remember that good daily cleansing is the basis for any additional treatment or makeup you might decide to apply, ensuring that your appearance is younger, more beautiful and radiant.

mesoestetic recommends its home care facial cleansing range, consisting of three cleansers so that you can choose the one that best suits your skin type. If your skin is dry or sensitive, the hydra milk cleanser will work well for you. For normal and combination skins, we suggest the facial gel cleanser. If your skin tends to be oily and acne-prone, you will get a deep cleanse if you use the purifying cleanser.

Once the skin is clean, it is essential to apply the hydratonic facial tonic for all skin types. Its purpose is to eliminate any impurities that may remain, as well as to decongest the skin to leave it fresh, smooth and soft.