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Which Vitamins Are Best For Your Skin?

Posted on April 02 2020

It’s no secret that vitamins are good for your skin. And while scoffing down vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables can improve your skin from the inside out, it won’t have a huge impact on targeting wrinkles or discolouration.

Applying vitamins topically through quality skincare will help deliver the benefits right to your face. Get to know what vitamins are best for your skin here.


Vitamin A

This versatile vitamin is used topically to treat a number of skin concerns, but it’s most popular for banishing wrinkles. Vitamin A is packed with age-fighting benefits, helping to reduce fine lines and slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin. By increasing blood flow to the skin, it keeps skin firm and healthy.

Get Your Vitamin A

  • Medik8 Retinol 1 TR™ Cream – This Vitamin A Renewal Cream stimulates collagen synthesis and cell turnover to tackle the early signs of aging.

Carrots and sweet potato are also a great source of vitamin A.


Vitamin B

Guys and gals with dry skin will be happy to stumble upon this miracle vitamin. If you’re prone to flakiness, you need more vitamin B in your life. It helps with moisture retention, leaving you with softer and smoother skin. It also has a skin-lightening effect that can give pigmentation the boot.

Get Your Vitamin B

  • Asap Super B Complex – This luxurious combination of B5 and B9 works to improve the skin tone and reduce pigmentation.

Fish and eggs also contain high amounts of vitamin B.


Vitamin C

Firmer, brighter, smoother skin, anyone? Just reach for your vitamin C! Not only does this multi-tasking vitamin protect your skin from pollution and free radicals, it’s also bursting with antioxidants that improve skin tone, giving you a healthy glow.

Get Your Vitamin C

  • Cosmedix Pure C Mixing Crystals – Made from the most potent and stable form of vitamin C, mix these crystals in with your moisturiser twice a day for even skin tone and improved texture.

Believe it or not, capsicum, kale, and broccoli each have more vitamin C than oranges.

Vitamin E

Another antioxidant-rich vitamin, vitamin E helps to neutralise free radicals and reduce cell damage. It’s another great all-rounder, helping with skin issues like aging, pigmentation, and dryness.

Get Your Vitamin E

  • Skinmedica Dermal Repair Cream – A rich facial cream containing high levels of both vitamin E and C, you can expect intense hydration, suppleness, and overall improved skin condition.

Snack on almonds and up your spinach intake to get more vitamin E in your diet.


Not sure which vitamin is best for your skin type? We can help! Simply fill in our online skin consultation form for some professional advice.