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Aspect Home Facial For Problem Skin


Aspect Home Facial For Problem Skin

Double Cleanse: Am & Pm

Exfoliate: 1 - 3 times Weekly

Tone: After cleaning and toning

Clarify: After toning

Serum: Choose 1 - 3 serums to layer Am and pm ( Retinol / Vitamin A For Night )

Face Mask: 1- 2 times weekly in this order

Eye Mask: As often as you wish

Tone: Again if using a mask after the removal

Clarify: Again if using your mask after toner ( Eg Societe Clear Skin Boosting Pads )

Serum: Am and pm ( Retinol / Vitamin A For Night )

Hydrate / Protect: Apply Over all serums ( Use Moisturiser with Spf for the day )

Eyes Cream: Am and Pm

Specialty - Apply Aspect Stop Stop to more persistant spots

& Dr Eckstein Azulene Paste is Great For Coverage whist healing and killing bacteria - Apply over all other steps are often as you wish

Do This 1 - 2 Times Weekly for your home facial - Simply remove the mask and exfoliating step for a daily Am and Pm routine

* Please note: We may have included a few products from other rages to fill the gaps for a more comprehensive and intensive home care routine.

Vitamin A - ( Retinol )

  • Vitamin A ( Retinol ) is not advised for pregnant of lactating Woman
  • If your new to Retinol please follow the following suggestion for slow introduction 
Week 1-2 - Use 2 times spaced out - Pm only
Week 3-4  Use 3 times spaced out - Pm only
Week 5-6 Use 4 Times - Skip a night after 2 consecutive nights - Pm only
Every night there after * If you notice to much discomfort, or irritation simply back off to the earlier week recommendations

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