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Boost and Glow Regime - See bottom of page for step by step guide


Boost and Glow Regime - See bottom of page for step by step guide

Boost and Glow Regime

Summer is nearly here along with the festive season that brings gatherings, special occasions and many more events than any other time of the year. 

Tina has put together her recommendations for a effective regime to get your best glow on, and to look and feel your best this festive season.

All product above are featured in Tina step by step boost and glow regime

AM step by step

Cleanse: Cosmedix Benefit Clean

Tone: Dermalogica Multi active toner

Serum 1: Aspect Super PD Complex

Serum 2: Aspect Extreme C Serum

Eye cream: Revision D.E.J eye cream

Moisturise: Medik8 clarity peptides

Cover and protect: Mesoprotech Melan 130 Pigment Control SPF 50+

PM step by step

Cleanse: Cosmedix Benefit Clean

Tone: Dermalogica Multi active toner

Exfoliate: Revision finishing touch exfoliate

Serum 1: Cosmedix Affirm

Serum 2: Cosmedix Defy

Night cream: Medik8 Crystal retinol ( Various strength available from entry level 1 to advance 10 and in between 3 or 6

Eye cream: Revision D.E.J eye cream

1 - 2 Times Weekly Mask: Societe Rejuvenating peptide gel masks

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