Cosmedix Anti Ageing Skincare ~ Fine Lines & Wrinkles ~ Routine

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Cosmedix Routine ~ Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Cosmedix Routine ~ Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Cosmedix Routine ~ Fine Lines & Wrinkles

AM Daily

Cleanse: Cosmedix Benefit Clean
Tone: Cosmedix Benefit Balance
Serum 1: Cosmedix Reboot
Serum 2: Cosmedix Affirm + Add in Cosmedix Pure C Crystals
Eye Cream: Cosmedix Opti Eye Crystals
Moisturiser: Cosmedix Humidify
Moisturiser With Spf: Cosmedix Hydrate+
PM Daily
Cleanse:  Cosmedix Benefit Clean
Tone: Cosmedix Benefit Balance
Serum 1: Cosmedix Reboot
Over Night Treatment: Cosmedix Define OR Serum 16 OR Refine / Refine Plus
Eye Cream: Cosmedix Opti Eye Crystals
Night Moisturiser: Cosmedix Humidify OR Emulsion
Neck & Chest: Cosmedix Illuminate And Lift 
1/ 3 Times Weekly
Exfoliation 2 / 3 Times Weekly - After cleansing - Follow with serums and moisturiser: Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Mask
Mask 1 / 2 Times Weekly - After exfoliating - Follow with serums cream moisturiser: Cosmedix Bio Shape Firming Mask
Lip Treatment: Cosmedix Enhance Lip Plumping Mask


The Cosmedix Overnight Treatment are not recommended for day time application NOR are Suitable for pregnancy
Cosmedix Humidify


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