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Tina Kay Skincare Medik8 Press and Glow
Medik8 Press and Glow
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Going a day without moisturiser is unheard of for many women. We could make a small island with all the tubes and tubs of skincare products we slap on every morning and night.

So why aren’t the men in our lives treating and protecting their skin the same way? If your hubby, partner, son, whoever is neglecting his skin, it’s time to teach him about the importance of male skincare. Because a razor and some aftershave balm aren’t going to cut it.

What makes men’s skin different?


But wait, there’s more:

It’s Thicker

Let’s face it, men get everything. They don’t have to deal with that time of the month, they get to grow moustaches and their skin ages more slowly than women’s. This is all thanks to their increased amount of testosterone, collagen and elastin, which make men’s skin around 25% thicker.

This makes them look younger for longer (hello, George Clooney), as wrinkles and fine lines appear more in thin skin. Women’s skin thins at a much faster rate, and even more rapidly after menopause.

It’s Rougher

The texture of skin varies greatly between men and women. No, we’re not just talking about that prickly stubble situation. Having thicker skin also makes men’s skin rougher and less sensitive.

While women are generally recommended to exfoliate once or twice a week as to not damage their sensitive skin, men can exfoliate every second day without causing harm.

It Has Larger Pores

Men’s skin has larger pores and produces more sebum/oil. This is one of the reasons why males sweat more and usually have longer-lasting acne than females.

Why do men need to look after their skin?

Increased Sun Damage

While men may naturally appear to age slower than women, this can be counteracted by damage from sun exposure. Men generally spend more time in the sun than women, yet they are less likely to apply sunscreen (tsk, tsk). With so many sunscreens and moisturisers with SPF on the market, there’s no excuse for your man to come home looking like Rudolph.

Increased Oil

Sweat and oil build-up can block pores and cause breakouts. Hot water alone isn’t enough to remove oil, and using the bar of soap in the shower will strip the skin and cause more oil production to compensate for the loss of moisture. For skin to stay clean and balanced, it needs to be washed and moisturised daily.

How To Find The Right Skincare Products For Men

Sure, you could just share your scrubs and creams with your man, but they may not be suited to his skin type. Does this mean he needs to go out and buy products that are specifically marketed to men, in bulky, black packaging with words like ‘extreme’ and images of mountains or motorbikes? No.

There is pretty much only one rule when it comes to finding the right products for your guy and encouraging him to stick to a daily skincare routine.

Keep It Simple

While you might enjoy using 7 products every day, chances are the man in your life wants to keep things as simple as possible. Follow these steps to make sure you don’t scare him away from skincare forever.

  • Determine his skin type with a dermatologist or skincare professional
  • Choose a cleaner, daily moisturiser containing UV protection, and a scrub suited to his skin type
  • Keep them somewhere handy, like the bathroom sink or shower caddy.

Keep in mind that as your man ages, you’ll need to swap out his products as his skin changes.

With the rise of ‘manscaping’, it’s no longer just women keeping their skin looking its best. Guide the guy in your life to find the right skincare range for him with Tina Kay Skincare.



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