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Medik8 Home Facial For Acne


Medik8 Home Facial For Acne

Follow the order of the below steps

You will find the suitable products to select from to for each step in this collection - We have grouped then all together so they are easy to find

Double Cleanse: Am & Pm

Exfoliate: 1 - 3 times Weekly

Tone: After cleaning and toning

Clarify: ( Blemish control pads) after toning

Serum: Choose 1 - 3 serums to layer Am and pm ( Retinol / Vitamin A For Night )

Face Mask: 1- 2 times weekly in this order

Eye Mask: As often as you wish

Tone: Again if using a mask after the removal

Clarify: Again if using your mask after toner

Serum: Am and pm ( Retinol / Vitamin A For Night )

Hydrate / Protect: Apply Over all serums ( Use Moisturiser with Spf for the day )

Eyes Cream: Am and Pm

Do This 1 - 2 Times Weekly for your at home facial - Simply remove the mask and exfoliating step for a Daily Am and Pm routine 

* Please note: We may have included a few products from other rages to fill the gaps for a more comprehensive and intensive home care routine.

  • Vitamin A ( Retinol ) is not advised for pregnant of lactating Woman
  • If your new to Retinol please follow the following suggestion for slow introduction 
Week 1-2 - Use 2 times spaced out - Pm only
Week 3-4  Use 3 times spaced out - Pm only
Week 5-6 Use 4 Times - Skip a night after 2 consecutive nights - Pm only
Every night there after * If you notice to much discomfort, or irritation simply back off to the earlier week recommendations
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