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Hormonal Skin Routine For Tierney - Pregnancy Safe


Hormonal Skin Routine For Tierney - Pregnancy Safe

Our Suggestions For You Tierney"

" I’ve used aspect before and really liked it. I have combination skin but due to increased hormones due to pregnancy my skins been awful. I’m wanting cleanser Exfoliator ( if you recommend ) Mask maybe Moisturiser And I’ll grab the vitamin c serum "

Above is what we suggest you can use to help control breakouts while being safe your Baby....I have added the jungle Brew as a extra for you to consider to mix with your C Serum

Cleanse: Foaming Exfoliating Cleanser Or Purastat 5

Exfoliate: Illuminating Polish 2- 3 times weekly after cleaning, Follow with Serums Ect

Serums AM: Extreme C20 Mixed With Jungle Brew

Serums PM: Same a Am

Face Mask: Exfoliating Clay Mask Alternating With Probiotic Sleep Mask - Can use both mask at the same time too: Apply Exfoliating on the zone and problem areas, then apply probiotic To the rest of the face neck and chest

Hydrate / Protect AM: Clear Skin Complex + OR Aspect Sun Hydrating Face Spf 50

Hydrate / Protect PM: Clear skin Complex

Specialty: Aspect Stop Spot For Blemishes. Use as needed



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