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In the medical aesthetic arena the expectations are high. The doctors and their patients require the best post procedure makeup no matter the price, so we delivered the best. Which is why we should have realized that after they recovered from surgery, patients wanted to keep using Lycogel. They were reporting anti-aging benefits they’d never experienced with any other product. They were saying Lycogel was the first makeup they could use despite having sensitive skin or skin conditions like acne, rosacea, or eczema. They were saying they wanted more, and we had to realize that Lycogel had gone beyond the realm of post-procedure care.

Today our products match any situation, from minimal coverage for a day at the beach, to maximum coverage for post-surgery recovery. Now anyone can create the perfect Lycogel moment and enjoy the flawless look they desire.

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    Design your perfect look with Lycogel

    If you prefer a look with an elegant matte finish then Lycogel Breathable Camouflage would suit you perfectly. If you’re looking for light coverage that’ll give your skin a healthy vibrant glow you’ll want our Breathable Tint. If you want to energize your skin while skipping out on the coverage you’ll enjoy our Breathable Balm packed with the benefits of the LYCO-Complex. If you want to tackle blemishes and highlight your skin’s natural beauty then you’ll love our every day Lycogel Breathable Concealer.

    Our Technology

    • Designer Gel Base
    • LYCO-Complex

    Designer Gel Base

    Lycogel’s Designer Gel Base is specially made to deliver each and every one of the LYCO-Complex’s 12 active ingredients to the skin for maximum benefits. It’s also water resistant, providing a long lasting wear.

    Optimum availability of active ingredients for maximum tissue utilization.

    Delivery system

    Transfer and water resistant.



    Just like our body, our skin needs to breathe, drink, and eat to thrive. That’s why Lycogel products feature the revolutionary LYCO-Complex, a carefully balanced set of 12 active ingredients that work together to deliver oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to the skin.


    Oxygen literally breathes life into our skin. Oxygen heals, that’s why it’s often used to help skin recover from burns and other wounds. Oxygen also beautifies the skin; it defies wrinkles and gives a more vibrant complexion.


    • Renews cells
    • Stimulates collagen and elastin
    • Soothes the skin
    • Minimizes lines
    • Anti-bacterial

    Moisture is your skin’s number one line of defense. Moisture helps protect your skin from everyday irritants like air-conditioning, pollution and dry air that damages the skin.


    • Reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL)
    • Reinforces the skin’s natural defense system
    • Protects skin barrier properties

    Nutrients keep our skin alive and active. Nutrients provide energy, repair tissue, and regulate all natural processes in the skin regardless of the skin condition.


    • Protects longevity of stem cells
    • Increases tolerance threshold of over-reactive skin
    • Promotes skin repair
    • Unleashes anti-aging properties
    • Prevents excessive scar formation
    • Loaded with antioxidants

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