Mesoestetic energy C

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Mesoestetic energy C


Mesoestetic energy C

energy C


Antioxidant line containing a high concentration of vitamin C for an amazing brightening effect. Helps combat the first signs of aging. The line includes 3 home care products and one professional salon treatment.

Mesoestetic Energy C

Science and results

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a preventive ingredient against skin aging. When applied topically, it remains on the skin for 48 hours,
thereby having 30 times the therapeutic effect of oral vitamin C. If effectiveness has been shown in a number of in vitro and in vivo studies that have demonstrated the following properties:

Double antioxidant action

energy C has the capacity to neutralize free radicals and regenerate the cell membrane.

UVA and UVB photoprotection

After neutralizing free radicals, vitamin C has both a preventive and palliative effect on oxidative damage to epidermal cells caused by ultraviolet radiation. When applied prior to sun exposure, vitamin C acts as a biological photoprotector. After exposure, its anti-inflammatory action helps reduce solar erythema.

Brightening effect

energy C brightens your face, improves pigmented lesions and prevents the formation of dark spots.

Reduction of fine wrinkles and expression lines

energy C boosts collagen synthesis, increases the number of elastic fibers and active fibroblasts, improves the quality of the extracellular matrix and moisturizes.



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