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Terms and conditions
  • + FREE FULL SIZE BRAND SPECIFIC PURCHASE GIFT with specific spend indicated with each promotion - SEE HERE Home Page
  • + FREE DELIVERY - Orders $79+
  • Our above offers ARE Accumulative within the one transaction only
  • Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to refuse free gift when offers are redeemed excessively for a single customer.
  • If a product become out of stock an alternative may be give to prevent holding up dispatch.
  • 1 beauty bag per customer. Please do not place multiple orders to obtain multiple beauty bags as a maximum of 1 will be supplied only. We like to keep our generous gift with purchase offers going but cannot if they our offerings are abused.

Store Credits / Gift Cards

Gift cards and or store credit may be issued via emai depending on customer spend or other rules

Free Gift cards issued that are not purchased are to be used instead of discount code. Both are not valid within one transaction.

If a FREE or store credit is as well as a discount code in the same transaction, Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to cancel order.

FREE issued gift cards or store credits given as rewards can be refused validation post sale if it is see that customer completes multiple orders using multiple gift cards within a short period of Time, paying little of no moneys for goods. This is left to the discretion of Tina Kay Skincare.

Gift cards are to be used instead of other codes at checkout 

In the event of any glitch in system where multiple store credits are issued or multiple gifts card are issue via email to anyone customer within a short period of Time, Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to invalidate store credit or gift card that were not purchase but given free at anytime without notice.

In the event of a glitch in gift card / store credit app sending multiple credits / gift cards to any one customer and customer completes multiple orders within a short time to redeem all credit cards that were given by our system free, Hence paying little or no monetary value, Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to cancel such orders at any time without notice and or reduce store credit totals and balance for any customer at Anytime.

We love to give great value to customers but if any free gift, discount, credit, Free gift cards are seen to be taken advantage or or abused, Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to cancel any order at any time, deeming discount, free gift card, free store credit, free gifts invalid. 

The above terms and conditions are at the complete discretion of Tina Kay Skincare

Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to refuse the supply of goods to