Sun Damage, Ageing Skin Routine

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Sun Damage, Ageing Skin Routine

Skincare routine for you

Is your skin sun damaged, ageing and just not looking all that great?

Daily Essentials


Cleanse  - Aspect Gentle Clean
Serum 1  - Aspect Extreme C20
Eye Cream - Aspect Gold Eye 


Cleanse  - Aspect Gentle Clean

Serum 2 - Cosmedix Serum 16 - Start application ever 3rd night, then every second night, after 1 month progress to nightly use ( not recommended durin pregnancy )
Eye Cream - Aspect Gold Eye

Special treatment 1-3 times weekly

2 - 3 times weekly

Exfoliation after cleanser - Before Serums - Cosmedix Pure enzymes

OR For Delicate sensitive skin - Societe super fruit enzymes

1-2 times weekly after exfoliation and before serums and moisturiser - Aspect hydrating mask


Tinted sun Protection Options

Cleansing For Oily / Problem skin swap out gentle clean for either
Moisturiser For Oily / Problem skin swap out smc moisturiser for either
Mix and match to suit your individual needs
Put together for you with love
Tina Kay. XX


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