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Dr Eckstein Eye Care Balsam 15ml
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  • Dr Eckstein Eyecare Balsam is a Moisturising cream specifically formulated for delicate eye contours.

  • Dr Eckstein Eyecare Balsam is rich in hydrating natural extracts it helps minimize and prevent wrinkles.
  • Dr Eckstein Eyecare Balsam reduces the signs of fatigue and puffiness.


AugenPflege Balsam (Eye Balsam)


is a rich balm which prevents premature wrinkling of the dry and stressed eye area.   An effective combination of skin-activating ingredients improves the elasticity and turgor of the skin, and provides a soft and supple appearance.

Eye Balsam is a concentrated water-in-oil emulsion with precious plant oils, wheat germ extracts, bio-hyaluronic acid, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) as well as the vitamins A and E. Biogenous germ extracts,stimulate gently the circulation, increas tonus and turgor, tighten the skin and leave the skin smoother. Due to their combination with vitamin A, the "epitheral protecting vitamin" and vitamin E, wrinkles appear flattened and smoother.               Vitamin A maintains the skin soft and supple, whilevitamin E improves the peripheral blood circulation and has a positive influence on skin cell formation. Bio-hyaluronic acid has a moisture enriching effect on the epidermis and improves its water-absorbing capacity. ATP as a physiological energy supplier stimulates the cell process.


Eye balsam Application:                                                                                          

For treatment of the stressed or dry eye area, use Eye Balsam for massaging. Treat the area around the eyes, which needs less oily products, with Nano Eye Gel.  

For home treatment, your client applies the Eye Balsam after cleansing - from the root of the nose over the eye lids, stroking to the temples, then from underneath the eye around the inside and back to the root of the nose - and massages it in gently.


Recommend to your client to look upwards under the closed eyelids during the circular massage. This will result in a gentle tension which supports and enhances the treatment.

If the eye area requires less fat, recommend Nano Eye Gel instead for evening care.

Moisturizes, firms and smoothes delicate eye contour.

Increases tonus and texture of the skin and helps protect from the environmental causes of premature skin aging.

Eye Balsam Ingredients

Contains sterols, vitamins A and E, bisabolol, urea and wheat germ extract.
Alcohol free.

Clinically tested.

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Dr Eckstein Eye Balm. Dr Eckstein Eye Balsam is a Moisturising cream specifically formulated for delicate eyes.
 Dr Eckstein Eye Balm reduces the signs of fatigue and puffiness


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