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Silk Oil of Morocco

Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes

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Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Envy
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Allure
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Cleopatra
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Desire
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Goddess
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Latina
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes -Maneater
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Modest
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Salsa
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes - Sultry
Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes-Envy
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Silk Oil of Morocco False Lashes


Vegan False Lashes | Dramatically enhance your natural lashes with Silk Oil of Morocco Vegan Strip Lashes. Turn heads with a fuller, longer and more defined lash look. High quality 100% human hair, hand tied with an invisible band for a seamless more natural finish. Silk Oil of Morocco Vegan Strip Lashes can be re-used multiple times, providing you with a professional look time after time.


  • Instantly Enhances Eye Lash Length and Fullness
  • 8 Styles for a variety of finishes – create a dramatic or naturally enhanced look
  • Creates a more polished and professional eye make-up look
  • Buildable (use multiple sets on top of each other for a dramatic finish)
  • 100% Vegan Friendly Human Hair
  • Hand tied for a more natural finish
  • Seamless invisible band
  • Professional quality
  • Durable and re-usable (up 10 – 15 uses)
  • Easy to apply and remove


ALLURE (4mm x 19mm x 7mm x 32mm)
If you’re looking for an eye accentuating lash with a natural finish, look no further. Created to add subtle length and subtle thickness for any eye shape, the Allure is a must-have essential for any lash lover. This lightweight falsie includes the finest Silk 100% Human Hair for a subtle glam all-day/night wear. 

CLEOPATRA (4mm x 18mm x 7mm x 35mm)
Cleopatra that’s who you will look like when you wear these dramatic, bold, EXTRA long Silk Lashes. They are the Ultimate Glamour you WILL stand out in the crowd with these!

DESIRE (5mm x 20mm x 16mm x 34mm)
You will be desired when you wear these Lashes… a feathery set of layered Wispy false lashes perfect for adding drama length giving you an on point Glamorous desired look!

ENVY (6mm x 19mm x 15mm x 32mm)
Yes… you will be Envied with these extra dark, extra thick but light weight Envious luscious lashes. Each lash is individually tapered side by side to give a thicker root and feathered natural ends.

GODDESS (6mm x 21mm x 17mm x 34mm)
Meet the Goddess, our Hollywood Glam Lash! Be the leading lady in any role you might play with this gorgeous lash. Wispy and feathery but natural and extra long. These lashes are blended for a more natural look and feel full of glamour and movie star potential! Perfect for any occasion or makeup look. Wispy natural extra Long.

LATINA (10mm x 19mm x 15mm x 32mm)
You will be the Latina of the day or night with these extra dark long, individually tapered & individually graduated Lashes to give your eyes an open fuller wow factor look.

SALSA (4mm x 20mm x 16mm x 32mm)
If you’ve ever desired that gorgeous doe-eyed look, then you must try our Salsa lashes. Uniquely blended with 8 thicker lashes per a lash surrounded by thinner lashes either side. All one length , tapered on the inner edge and only flaring out at the ends with a slight curl. Salsa is without a doubt bat-worthy and suitable for all eye shapes.

SULTRY (5mm x 20mm x 17mm x 32mm)
You will love these Sultry look lashes, dramatic, bold, long, light weight, extra dark at the roots looking with feathered ends for a full lash look. These lashes definitely don’t need stacking! The curl on the ends of the lash helps to open your eyes for a fuller look.

Application and Removal

1. If needed, trim lash (from outer edge) to fit your eye.
2. Apply glue to lash band and wait 30-60 seconds.
3. Apply lash along natural lash line.
4. Allow glue to dry.
5. Carefully apply Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Defining Mascara for a seamless finish.

Gently peel off lash strip, starting at the outer corner. Remove excess adhesive from lash band and place lashes back onto the tray for future use.

WARNING: If glue gets into the eyes wash out immediately with water.

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