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Silk Oil of Morocco

Silk Oil Of Morocco Magnetic Eyelashes


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Silk Oil Of Morocco Magnetic Eyelashes - Shortie
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Silk Oil Of Morocco Magnetic Eyelashes

Silk Oil of Morocco Fibre Magnetic Eyelashes are quick and easy to apply combined with the Silk of Morocco Magnetic Eyeliner. Create full volume and luxurious long lashes.

Natural or glamorous, subtle to dramatic, Silk Oil of Morocco Fibre Magnetic Eyelashes have you covered in achieving the desired look with 5 different styles to choose from. 

Styles available:

KOKO - KoKo lashes are similar length the whole way along (11mm) however shorter on the inner eye. Designed with a crossover pattern, they are fluffy and perfect for creating a glamorous everyday look.

SHORTIE - Shortie lashes have a thick crisscross pattern that will add volume to your lashes. These lashes are ultra thick at the roots to define your lash line. Perfect for everyday wear or any special occasion.

DASHA - Dasha lashes are beautifully natural looking. The textured effect and lengths of these lashes allow your own lashes to blend in seamlessly, giving you a natural look that’s perfect for everyday wear.

SWEET JUNGLE - Sweet Jungle lashes have a crisscross pattern that is mixed with straight thick and thin strips, to give your lashes volume and length. These lashes are perfect for creating a glamorous look for any occasion.

DANCING QUEEN - Dancing Queen lashes are designed with a crisscross pattern that will give you extra thickness and definition at the roots. These everyday lashes are layered with fringed ends to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

FIERCE - Fierce Lashes are perfect for every day wear and will suit and flatter any eye shape. These beautiful lashes have a soft, feathery design that creates a natural look while providing glamour for any occasion.

SWEET HEART - These lashes are designed with a crisscross pattern to give a natural yet glamorous look. Shorter on the inner eye, and longer mid-outer eye. Perfect for any outing.

CHARMER  –  Charmer lashes are the longest in the centre of the lash, shorter on the inner and outer of the lash, just like your natural lashes. Designed with a straight pattern, they are thicker at roots while thinner at tips, to give your lash line definition. These lashes are perfect for creating a glamorous everyday look. 

KNOCKOUT -  Knockout lashes are designed with thick clusters of individual silk synthetic fibre hairs that will make your eyes pop. These lashes are perfect for a night out or any special occasion. These high volume lashes are designed for a sassy dramatic effect.

MIAMI - Miami lashes are full and fabulous from root to tip. The thickness of these lashes draws attention to your eyes, making them the perfect accessory for a sassy look. The textured pattern adds drama to your eyes and accentuates a gorgeous smokey eye.

MISTAKEN - Mistaken lashes are designed with a voluminous curl that will effortlessly take you from day to evening wear. These lashes are longer towards the centre and outer corner for a sultry eye opening effect.

THINK TWICE - Think Twice lashes have a wispy pattern for natural, everyday glamour. They are longer at the centre and outer corners for an eye opening effect. The textured design naturally enhances the beauty of your eyes.

GIRL BOSS - Girl Boss lashes have a sleek design for an elegant yet natural appearance. These lashes have soft, wispy flares that are longer towards the outer corners of your eyes for a sultry, winged effect.

HEART BREAKER - Heart Breaker lashes are ultra fluffy for a dramatic effect that will make your eyes the centre of attention. Designed with a thick V pattern, they’ll give you a glamorously full and textured look. These lashes are longest at the middle and outer corners to create a striking, wing-eyed look. Perfect for any special occasion.


• Easy to use- no more glue or adhesives
• Easy to remove
• Reusable- can be worn multiple times
• Vegan synthetic lash fibres
• Lashes can be cut to desired size
• Convenient storage case with mirror
• Waterproof
• Vegan Friendly
• Not tested on Animals
• No up keep costs
• No damaging of your eyelashes
• Easily applied to eyes with no lashes

How To Apply


  1. Shake Silk Magnetic Eyeliner bottle before use
  2. Always seal bottle after us
  3. Before you apply the Silk Magnetic Eyelashes bend to your eye shape & cut to shape if required

How to Apply:

  1. Carefully draw eyeliner line along your eye shape, make sure you extend the liner to the end, ensure the line is close to the roots of your real eyelash. If you have no eyelashes just follow your lash line
  2. Take the end tip of your Silk Magnetic Eyelash hair with tweezers or fingers, place it above your real eyelash, make the magnets band together slowly and connect with eyeliner line before it has dried. If the eyeliner has dried just add more
  3. Gently adjust until the Silk Fibre Magnetic Eyelash is perfectly placed

CAUTION: Rinse out with warm water immediately if product enters the eye


How long do the Silk Magnetic Lashes Last?
The Silk Magnetic Lashes are re-useable and are very long lasting
What are the Silk Lashes made from?
The Silk Magnetic Lashes are made from Silk Vegan Fibre
Do I need to use Glue to apply the Silk Magnetic Lashes?
No – No glue is required … just the Magnetic Eyeliner!
What are the most Natural looking lashes from the complete range?
The most natural looking Silk Magnetic Lashes are: Dasha, KoKo & Shortie
Do I need to cut the lashes to suit my eyes?
NO – the lashes are pre determined and fit 99% of eyes
How do I remove the Silk Magnetic Eyeliner?
The Silk Magnetic Eyeliner is easily removed using soap & water or your normal facial cleansing products
Is the Silk Magnetic Eyeliner Waterproof?
Yes the Silk Magnetic Eyeliner is Waterproof
Is the Silk Magnetic Lash Eyeliner Vegan?
Yes the Silk Magnetic Lash Eyeliner is Vegan
Is the Magnetic Lash Eyeliner tested on Animals?
No the Silk Magnetic Eyelash Liner is not tested on Animals
Is there a video on “How to apply”?
Yes please go to the Silk youtube Channel for info
Can I apply the Silk Fibre Magnetic Eyelashes over the top of lash extensions?
Absolutely, the Silk Magnetic Lashes will not affect your lash extensions if applied correctly

Silk Oil Of Morocco Magnetic Eyelashes


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