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Silk Oil of Morocco

Silk Oil of Morocco Vegan Rose Gold 15 Piece Brush Set


Silk Oil of Morocco Vegan Rose Gold 15 Piece Brush Set
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Silk Oil of Morocco Vegan Rose Gold 15 Piece Brush Set


The Silk Oil of Morocco Vegan Rose Gold 15 Piece Brush Set is the ultimate professional brush collection incorporating fifteen classic high quality hand crafted brushes with irresistibly soft nylon hair to provide all over flawless make-up application. Complete with a stylish rose gold portable storage case to keep brushes together and protected.


Why are Synthetic Brushes best?

Synthetic brushes are suited to those who prefer Vegan Friendly. They are also better suited for people with sensitive skin as some people are allergic to animal hair. Not only this, but synthetic brushes are easy to keep clean as they do not absorb and trap make-up like natural brushes do. To top it all off, high quality nylon hair feels irresistibly soft and enables seamless make-up application.


2 x Vegan Liquid/Cream Foundation Brushes
1 x Vegan Powder Brush
1 x Vegan Powder Contour Brush
1 x Vegan Blush Brush
1 x Vegan Fan Hihglighter Brush – Large
1 x Vegan Fan Highlighter Brush – Small
1 x Vegan Concealer Brush
1 x Vegan Shadow Brush
1 x Vegan Blender Brush
1 x Vegan Angled Blender Brush
1 x Vegan Tapered Smudge Brush
1 x Vegan Square Liner Brush
1 x Vegan Lash Line Blender
1 x Vegan Brow Definer Brush


To achieve a flawless foundation finish, start by using either of the Silk Vegan Liquid/Cream Foundation Brushes to apply Argan Antioxidant Primer evenly over the face. Once absorbed, use either brushes to apply liquid or cream foundation evenly over the face. When using the oval foundation brush, lightly blend starting at the center of the forehead working outwards. Build using long sweeping strokes until desired coverage is reached. When using the round, flat top foundation brush, buff liquid/foundation into skin using a circular motion for a flawless finish. With both brushes, use a small amount of product at a time so you can build even coverage.

This brush can be used in conjunction with any Silk Oil of Morocco powder but is perfect when used in conjunction with the Argan Loose Powder Foundation. This brush has been designed with a slightly rounded head to enable the user to dust powder only where needed. Dip the brush tip into a small amount of powder then tap away excess product before applying to face. Buff powder in circular motions starting at the forehead and working outwards.

The angled head of this brush is perfect for all powder based contouring. Use to apply contouring powders or bronzer to define facial features such as the cheek bones and jawline.

This brush is designed to be used to apply blush powder to cheeks or in conjunction with other powders to highlight the cheeks or other facial features. To add colour and warmth to cheeks, smile and then continue to apply Argan Blush to the apples of the cheeks. Blend the colour along the cheek bone in an upwards motion and lightly sweep for a natural finish or build for an intense colour finish.

Versatile brushes perfect when used to apply highlighter to cheek bones, centre of the forehead, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow and brow bone. Also great for highlighting the collar bone and removing unwanted excess eye shadow fallout under the eyes. Use the small fan brush to polish small areas or lightly sweep the large fan brush over larger areas.

This is the perfect brush to use when applying cream or liquid concealers. Use brush to dab product under the eyes, over uneven skin tone or blemishes until completely blended. Use the brush tip to reach corners and creases such as right up under the lash line and in the inner corner of the eye.

This brush is designed for all over eye shadow colour application. Use the brush to lightly pat eye shadow over the entire eyelid. Avoid long brushing strokes to ensure maximum longevity and coverage.

Eye shadow blending brushes can be used to apply single colour, softly blend and merge two colours together or assist in creating a seamless transition between eye shadow and the skin. Use the larger blending brush with a darker eye shadow in the eye lid crease to create depth and dimension. Use the smaller blending brush for detailed work such as blending in eyeliner or eye shadow to create a smokey, soft look.

This angled blender brush can be used in the crease, corners or across the entire lid to create depth and contour. Helps deliver the perfect amount of product, allowing you to shade and smudge with ease.

An extra soft pencil-like brush with a tapered point great for blending eye shadow very close to the eyelash line. Amazing to use for a smoky eye when you want to intensify around the lash line. Can be used to create the finest crease line or to smudge and/or blend a range of formulas including powders, creams, pencils and liquids.

The Vegan Flat Eyeliner Brush has a thin tip with a flat edge great for drawing a tight line across the upper eyelid. This type of brush works best with powder, cream, gel and cake eyeliners. Use brush to dot eye colour as close as possible along the lash line.

The perfect brush for blending or smudging eye shadows/shimmers/crayons close to the lash line. Also great for softening or smudging eye liner or for any intricate work around the eyes.

The Vegan Brow Definer Brush is an easy to man-oeuvre slanted brush great when used in conjunction with liquids, creams or shadows to define and fill in eye brows. Use the brush to create short strokes following the natural shape of the brow for enhanced definition and fullness.


Cosmetic brushes can become coated with make-up residue, body oils and dead skin. Increased bacteria levels can negatively affect the proper application of make-up and can also cause skin irritation. Silk Oil of Morocco recommends that cosmetic brushes are cleaned after every use with Silk Oil of Morocco’s Alcohol Free, Argan Vegan Brush Cleaner.

How to use Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Vegan Brush Cleaner:
1. Spray the Argan Vegan Brush Cleaner directly onto brush bristles.
2. Gently sweep the brush bristles onto a paper towel using the same motion that you would use if you were applying makeup, taking care not to damage the bristles. Repeat this until there is no longer product coming off onto the paper towel.
3. Lay brushes flat to air-dry.









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