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Free Gift Terms & Conditions 

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  • 2 Free samples all orders
  • 3rd free item selection @ 250 Spend
  • 4th free item selection @ $500 Spend
  • 5th free item selection @ $750 Spend
  • NOTE: We have limited our free gifts temporarily due to the very generous nature of our "100% off every 3rd item" promotion. SEE HERE

How to add free gifts to your order

  • Our free gift pop up will be present once you start adding purchases to your cart. The higher you cart value the more free gifts are on offer to select.
  • Be sure to swipe OR arrow across to see all valid options available.
  • Once you select you 1st gift you may have the opportunity to select more if your cart reaches our spend level that trigger more free gifts. Keep adding you preferences until free gift pop up disappears.
  • When in gift pop up, remember to swipe / arrow across OR click on small grey dots to scroll to view all on offer
  • To see what is currently on offer simply start adding items to the cart and trigger the pop up, you can arrow across or scroll sideways to see all on the pop up OR click on the grey dots below the product images. SEE ALL OFFERS HERE

Free Gift / Buy 2 get 1 free / Product Terms & Conditions

  • Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to refuse free gift when offers are redeemed excessively for a single customer.
  • If a product become out of stock an alternative may be give to prevent holding up dispatch. This is a condition of adding free gifts to cart.
  • Valid Free gifts can not be added to any orders if they are not processed at the time of the order and are not present on the customers invoice. Should there be an issue with adding free gifts at the time of the order please contact customer service for assistance
    • Duration of offers and promotions. All offers may end and change without notice. Offers are only valid if they are advertised on the live site at the time of processing payment. If a customer leaves a cart and comes back later offers may have ended or changed regardless of external advertising seen earlier. Some offers are only valid for a very limited time and may end a short time after advertised on platforms such as social media or email. Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to change any offer at anytime as stated in our terms and conditions. Some offers may last weeks and some only hours. If you see a offer on the live site you wish to take advantage of, we suggest processing order at that time to avoid missing out on the promotion.
    • It is a condition of our free gift promotions that by adding free gifts from our popup you agree that any of your free gift may be substituted for an alternative should any become out of stock at the discretion of Tina Kay Skincare without notification as some gifts become out of stock before we can edit our pop ups. This prevents unnecessary delay of dispatch and allows us to offer many free gifts without excess man hours in editing the pop up especially over night and on weekends.
    • Tina Kay Skincare can refuse to supply multiple gifts / free packs if customer manages to add more than advertised due to glitch in system or for any other reason.
    • Kit value advertised is an approximation due to the nature of the special sized items.
    • Free Kits may change at any time and content list above is a guide not always exact. However we do endeavour to supply listed products as much as possible although some contents may become sold out prior to us editing our free packs due to the un expected high demand. 
    • It is the customer's responsibility to advise Tina Kay Skincare if free gift pop up does not appear after spend requirements are met by adding products to cart. If orders are processed without free gifts and have been processed and packed for delivery free gifts cannot be added retrospectively. Please email prior to processing a order if free gift pop up is not appearing at so arrangements can be made for free gift to be added manually - failure to do so will result in free gifts not being valid.
    • Free Products and gifts are not refundable and are only exchangeable for the same product. If an exchange is necessary meeting our exchange policy. Post back and forth will be the customer's responsibility for exchange unless the product is deemed faulty by Tina Kay Skincare or wrong product was supplied originally.
    • Tina Kay Skincare reserves the right to refuse supply and or validity of any offer where system glitch may allow excessive Gift / Discounts / Credits or items price $0 where not intended by Tina Kay Skincare. If you are unsure of anything to do with the above please contact for clarification prior to placing order/s at
    • Returns & postage costs for goods supplied at 100% off via our gift pop up OR 100% off every 3rd item purchased

      Free Products and products purchased as part of our 100% of every 3rd item promotion are not refundable for ANY reason. Should an item that made up any part of the mentioned offer need to be exchanged, post back and forth for the exchange must be agreed by the customer that this will be at the customer's expense (with exception to wrong product sent by Tina Kay Skincare)

    • Refunds will not be issued for free products @ 100% off or products purchased that make up a component of this offer. If a customer does not wish accept our exchange only & post paid by customer conditions in relation to this offer should a return be requested, We advise that one should not apply the advertised code that honours this promotion. T&C strictly apply. 
      NOTE: By accepting free products obtained in any way, all customers must agree to all terms and conditions and agree to pay postage cost back and forth regardless of the reason a return may be requested. All returns request must be submitted my email and approved by Tina Kay Skincare. Any items sent back without prior approval will not be granted exchange, credit or refund will not be processed or will be sent back to the customer at the customer's expense.

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