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Frequently Asked Questions

If you use another code the system will only allow 1 at a time. In the case you do apply another code at checkout giving you the discount that corresponds with that code, I will make sure that the points go back to your rewards if they have now been used and not applied which can happen if 2 codes are applied in the discount box at the checkout.

As you can see we have great discounts and free gifts and our offers are generous even without the rewards program. So I want to offer you my suggestion for the best way to use the points you have earned. Save your rewards up until you have enough to redeem the higher value vouchers and use these on an order that will give you a better deal than any current offer at that time.

Ways to redeem rewards are subject to change without notice, the amount of rewards to have before redeeming any will not change but the value of the vouchers they convert into may at any time, we suggest if you are happy with any reward vouchers you have at any given time to redeem them as the way in witch rewards covert into vouchers can change without notice.

Reward vouchers are redeemable on a min spend ( however this still coverts to a very generous discount. The reason for a min spend is that we also offer generous free gifts witch are awarded to orders on totals prior to rewards being deducted from the total. This information can been seen on your reward vouchers when viewed after login. SEE HERE

You can click any time on the Rewards button to choose a voucher to redeem your points - here you can also see points values and how to earn points.

Once your click "spend " a code will be created. Please COPY & PASTE CODE into the discount code section at the checkout. Please note that rewards cannot be used in the same transaction as discount codes. We advise that you save your rewards up to earn higher value vouchers to redeem when they are worth more than any discount code at the time.

We offer amazing value with free products / great post deals / high discount codes. Please understand that we cannot honour 2 discounts in 1 transaction in addition to this.

Rewards points will expire after 1 year of inactivity on our store ( no purchases within a 1 year period )

Loyalty vouchers cannot be redeemed along other codes and credits on site.

NOTE: EyEnvy + Dr Spiller are not online brands and are not included in online offers & Discounts. Rewards earned for online purchases are not redeemable on EyEnvy Or Dr Spiller orders. See Here how to order