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About Phytomer

Our massages and our treatments are performed in spas throughout the world. They give your skin the freshness and radiance it deserves as you enjoy an intensely revitalizing break.

We believe in sustainable skincare by using production processes that have a limited environmental impact. We cultivate our organic plants and algae and lean on ecofriendly solutions for beauty products that respect the skin and nature.

The rarest and most fragile algae is cultivated in the open sea or in our Laboratories, in sea water tanks. We have also perfected biotechnological cultivation programs to produce cutting-edge marine ingredients that are 100% natural and enable us to ensure exceptional quality and purity levels.

We use recyclable and plant-based material for our different types of packaging.

We are proud to be awarded the ECOVADIS GOLD certification every year since 2019. This certification is further proof of Phytomer’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment. GOLD status ranks us in the top 5% in ECOVADIS’ ratings.

All our packaging is made in Europe, by high-quality manufacturers recognized for their work ethic and respect for the environment.

Whenever possible, we use plant-based and recyclable materials and limit plastic use:

Recyclable plant-based tubes

Packaging made with natural paper from sustainably managed forests

Recyclable glass jars

Plant-based recyclable bottle made in France

We are passionate about the sea and use our wild, organic, or sustainable marine ingredients to deliver the sea’s immeasurable benefits to your skin. Each and every day, our research team is developing green methods for extracting the most powerful natural active molecules that can be found in the sea. These are then turned into exceptionally effective skincare products.

We are passionate about the sea. We see it every day, and we believe in the sea’s exceptional benefits for the skin.

The marine ingredients we cultivate to help reveal your natural beauty are all cultivated and harvested with a genuine respect for the sea.

Phytomer’s activities are deeply rooted in Brittany.

80% of our active ingredients come from Brittany, a region on the western coast of France. The active ingredients are developed in close collaboration with a network of local partners that include growers, start-ups, and researchers who help us to ensure sustainable and responsible harvest practices. We source our ingredients in Brittany because of the region’s exceptional biodiversity. Brittany’s 2,700 km of coastline boasts a wide variety of geographical layouts and climates, which make it the European region with the greatest concentration of marine biodiversity.

Shop Phytomer
Shop Phytomer