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dr eckstein

Dr Eckstein Augen Lidlotion Eyecare Toner

$43.50 AUD

Dr Eckstein Augen Lidlotion Eyecare Toner 150ml
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Dr Eckstein Augen Lidlotion Eyecare Toner 150ml

Refreshing toner to rehydrate, soothe and strengthen the delicate skin area around the eyes and eyelids.  Improves tone and texture of the skin and helps reduce the appearance of dark circles. Contains vitamin B, panthenol, troxerutin as well as extracts of balm mint, fennel and eyebright.

Aqua(Water), PEG-40HydrogenatedCastorOil, DisodiumPhosphate, SodiumPhosphate, AlcoholDenat.(SDAlcohol39-C), Troxerutin, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, DiazolidinylUrea, Ethylhexylglycerin, ChamomillaRecutita(Matricaria) FlowerExtract, ThiamineHCL, EuphrasiaOfficinalis(Eyebright) Extract, MelissaOfficinalis(BalmMint) LeafExtract, FoeniculumVulgare(Fennel) FruitExtract, Riboflavin.

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