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Aspect Serums


Aspect Serums

Target specific concerns and taylor your skincare routine to address your individual needs with 1 or a few Aspect serums

Serum Tips 

  • Alway apply serums to clean skin most effective after exfoliating SEE HERE
  • you can mix up to 3 Aspect serum together 1 pump each to truly customise your serum step.
  • Serum are most effective when applied Am and Pm remembering that all serums containing Retinol ( Vitamin A ) and Acids are best left for night time.
  • Always apply the lighter textured products first and ending with heavier  products like moisturiser or spf.
  • Generally your serum step is not the same as moisturising, look at your serum like your treatment & your moisturiser as your hydrator / nourishment step to lock in your serum and your natural moisture (NMF) So is is advisable to add moisturiser over the top of your serum. SEE ASPECT MOISTURISERS HERE

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