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Cosmedix Redness & Sensitivity


Cosmedix Redness & Sensitivity

Cosmedix Redness & Sensitivity Routine

Cosmedix Skincare Products and Routine Most Suitable for sensitive skin prone to redness

AM Daily

Cleanse: Cosmedix Purity Solution
Serum 1: Cosmedix Reboot
Serum 2: Cosmedix Pure C Crystals ( add small amount to your serum for skin strengthening )
Eye Cream: Cosmedix Opti Eye Crystals
Moisturiser: Cosmedix Shineless ( For Oiler skin) OR Cosmedix Humidify ( For Dryer Skin)
Moisturiser With Spf: Cosmedix Hydrate + 
PM Daily
Cleanse:  Cosmedix Purity Solution
Serum 1:  Cosmedix Reboot
Serum 2: Cosmedix Affirm
Eye Cream:  Cosmedix Opti Eye Crystals
Night Moisturiser:  Cosmedix Shineless ( For Oiler skin) OR Cosmedix Humidify ( For Dryer Skin)
1/ 3 Times Weekly
Exfoliation 1 / 2 Times Weekly - After cleansing - Follow with serums and moisturiser: Not Always recommend for extremely sensitive skin. In not extreme exfoliate gently: Cosmedix Glow Mask
Mask 1 / 2 Times Weekly - After exfoliating - Follow with serums cream moisturiser: Cosmedix Rescue+ Balm & Mask
TIP: Cosmedix Rescue+ Balm & Mask can be used as a moisturiser for very dry skin. It is great especially in the winter to add at night and leave on
cosmedix rescue+ mask and balm

About Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a skin condition in which skin is prone to itching and irritation experienced as a subjective sensation when using cosmetics and toiletries. When questioned, over 50% of women in the UK and US, and 38% of men, report that they have sensitive skin.

Many people say they have sensitive skin because skin care products, or household products that contact their skin, cause stinging, burning, redness, or tightness. ... But here is what dermatologists look for when diagnosing sensitive skin: Skin reactions such as pustules, skin bumps, or skin erosion.
Sensitive skin presents in a wide variety of ways with: subjective symptoms such as stinging, itching, burning. and/or visible skin changes such as redness, dryness, scaling, peeling, bumps, hives.
Here are easy ways to take care of sensitive skin this season.
  1. Cleanse your skin with a oil cleanser OR micellar water. When it comes to sensitive skin, it's a good idea to stay away from foaming cleansers. ...
  2. Never skip out on moisturiser. ...
  3. Add a calming face mask to your routine. ...
  4. Limit your time in the sun. ...
  5. Shower in lukewarm water.


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