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Medik8 Normal / Combination


Medik8 Normal / Combination

Medik8 Skincare Products For Normal / Combination Skin Types

Medik8's most suitable skin care products for norma and combination skin types are here

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1. Cleanser
In the morning, a light cleanser will gently wash away oils produced overnight.

2. Toner
Toning the skin will enhance the penetration of the serums and moisturisers that follow.

3. Serum
After toning, add in a targeted serum. If you’re applying more than one serum, apply the thinnest formula first. Antioxidants such as vitamin C or copper PCA are vital to apply in the morning to protect your delicate skin from the environment throughout the day.

4. Moisturiser and sunscreen
Combine your moisturiser and sunscreen in Advanced Day Total Protect™ or use a broad-spectrum SPF like Physical Sunscreen over your favourite moisturiser or facial oil.

The evening is the time to bring out your most nourishing formulas and the best active serums.


1. Cleanser
Start with a gentle eye make-up remover such as Eyes & Lips Micellar Cleanse™, alongside a pH balanced cleanser to buff away facial makeup.

2. Toner
Balance the skin while boosting the effectivity of follow-up products with a gentle toner.

3. Serum
The skin is most active at night, when skin cell regeneration becomes supercharged. This makes it the ideal time to use vitamin A serums which also speed up skin cell renewal. Certain vitamin As can be deactivated by sunlight, so always incorporate your retinol or retinal serum into your nighttime routine. (r-Retinoate® may be used night and day)

4. Moisturiser 
Overnight is also the ideal time to rehydrate, as richer moisturisers have time to sink deep into your skin. Opt for a heavier moisturiser than you would use in the daytime to truly nourish and rejuvenate delicate skin as you sleep.


You may want to use more than one serum or treatment to target different skin concerns at the same time. When layering skincare, begin with the lightest formulation and build up layers with heavier textures. Also use water based products before oil based products. Follow this guide to know in which order they should be applied...




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